About Us

About Us

High quality and delightful vibrant dishes – that’s what Blazing Taste is all about. We do things a bit differently than other food truck business es because we will not pretend to be something we’re not. Blazing Taste is registered as a C-Corporation.

Main Concept

Blazing Taste ’s main concept is to serve up gourmet comfort food inspired lunch and dinner specials. Our products will cater to southern style comfort food lovers, who desire low-cost, but high-quality products served expeditiously. We will operate 6 days a week, serve lunch and dinner each day.
Great Taste

Great Taste

Great Range

Great Range

Great Price

Great Price

The main focus of our food truck business is to offer the best quality meals to its customers at an affordable price. The management believes in pocket-friendly and affordable ways of feeding on gourmet meals without sacrificing on quality, dietary needs and satisfy your cravings with healthy options.
Blazing Taste offers fresh authentic food flavors and the main concern of our business is to offer the best quality, clean food to the valuable customers. Our dishes will be made from scratch with real fresh ingredients that will be delivered fresh daily. No preservatives, no substitutes– just pure, healthy deliciousness.

Working Hours

Tuesday - Sunday
Hours of operation
11am - 2pm
5pm - 8pm

Are You Ready To Order?

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